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Submitted by SFC(ret) Paul S. Riggs

I recently purchased a "Mickey-mouse" (shorty) extreme cold weather flyers parka with a lie down fur hood.  This jacket is very lightweight, and I believe it is the warmest winter jacket I have ever bought or owned.  The other day I ordered the "longer" style.  The color is sage.  If it is anything like the shorty, I know I will be very pleased.  I would highly recommend either or both to ALL my retired Aviation Buddies.

ED -- The jacket, I believe, that you're refering to is the N2-B extreme cold weather jacket (parka) pictured above.  Rated to -40 degrees it would appear to be plenty warm for most outdoor applications.  I've never had one of these, but I have thought about picking one up from time to time.  Has anyone had any experience with this jacket, or it's longer brother, the N3-B?

According to US Wings they retail at $129 each, though I have seen them in surplus stores for much less.  I would caution you though, be careful what you purchase.  This is a very popular jacket for knock-offs.

Check out the N2-B here.

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