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ED --  I got sent the low-down on these items straight from the Author.  I haven't played the game or read the book, but I thought the idea compelling enough to post it here as an option for all of you who are either deploying, deployed, or know someone "over there."

When a parent is deployed, children suffer in ways that aren't always obvious. Using a book or a game as springboards to conversation have been proven time and again as ways to get a child to open up.

With the release of her book "My First Deployment" and "Mail Call! The Military Deployment Game", Navy wife, licensed therapist, and mother Lisa Stillion gives caregivers and parents the tools needed to make this happen.

In "My First Deployment", a rambunctious little girl named Allie radiates a range of emotions when her father leaves for a military deployment. Exploring the causes and effects of separation anxiety, "My First Deployment" encourages creative ways for children to express thoughts and emotions, and gives grown-ups easy ways to help young ones cope with the loss they feel.

"Mail Call! The Military Deployment Game" is designed with the family in mind as players chase each other around the game board, trying to get a care package assembled and mailed out to a loved one.  "Mail Call!" helps military families maintain strong family ties through understanding and sharing.  "Mail Call!" can be played competitively or as a team (cooperatively) where there is no winner or loser.

Get the book and game here

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