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Submitted by Waldo

For the civvies, the equivalent is the Trangia 25-1 goes everywhere I go with a backpack.

ED -- The Trangia 25-1 is an all aluminum messkit designed to meet the cooking needs of 3-4 people.  While the kit does come with a number of pots and a frypan, it does not come with "eating" trays, so you must either eat out of the pot you cook in, or bring a eating bowl with you.  To clarify, the Trangia 25-1 messkit comes with the following:

2 Saucepans (pots) 1.5 and 1.75 liters.

1 Frying pan.

1 Alcohol fueled (sterno) stove.

1 pair of pot grippers and a binding strap to secure the whole kit.

Pair of windscreens.

Trangia is a Swedish company and their line of products appears first rate.  In addition to their basic kits they offer a wide variety of accessories, ranging from winter baseplates (for cooking on snow and ice) to liquid fuel burner attachments (which allow you to adapt the alcohol burner to run off of white gas.)

Get a Trangia 25-1 here

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