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Submitted by JByrd

Check this out, I have actually carried this. My boss when I first joined carried a map case and it worked good for him. Later as a scout, I found the same to be true; it IS a functional item, and there is not enough room in a truck for patrol bags anyway, we strapped ours down in the back.

I often carried a computer, every good fire direction guy should, but later mine became a PDA.

ED -- The image may not show it well, but this is an over-the shoulder bag, similar in concept to the old Army map case.

Maxpedition, the maker of the Fatboy Versipack describes it as follows...

The Maxpedition Fatboy Versipack is more than a durable, ergonomic shoulder sling pack; it is the state-of-the-art portable gear organizer that provides secured containment for and rapid accessibility of daily equipment. The versatile main compartment has a huge 156 cu. in. of space with a water-resistant storm collar that can be deployed by pulling a cord-locked drawstring. An array of integral fixed-position external pouches retains and indexes individual pieces of gear while two sets of nylon webbing anchors accommodate MAXPEDITION's modular expansion accessories such as the CP-L Radio Holster. Each Fatboy comes with a tactile non-slip shoulder pad providing great comfort during extended use.

The Versipack comes in a variety of colors (including the digital ACU pattern) and is available in a left-hand version.

Thanks to DeanS for digging up the info on this.

Get the Maxpedition Fatboy here

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