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Submitted by Jon Acheson

Jon, this post's for you. 

As mentioned in the PDA comments, Blue Nomad's Backupbuddy is software that you can install on your PDA to create a data backup in the event your data becomes corrupted or you experience a system failure.  In addition, BB will also create restore checkpoints which can used when you make changes to your handheld that may be risky, automatically create checkpoints during each HotSync, or as frequently as you want, retrieve previous files individually that have been deleted or overwritten, including ALL previous versions backed up by BackupBuddy.  Lastly, you can also exclude specific files, file types, and card directories from being backed up.

In looking over their product information, it seems that BB only works with the Palm line of PDAs, and is available for purchase on-line.

Get Backupbuddy here.

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