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Body armor for your "brain"



Submitted by Eric Daniel

Remember that PDA I mentioned a while back?  The one I use so I don't have to haul a filing cabinet of information around with me?  Well, good as it is, it isn't perfect.

For starters, it's not very flexible; sometimes it doesn't bend when you do, and the resulting "flexing" can wreak havoc on your PDA.  More importantly, it's an electrical system, not a paper "analog" one, which means that it is correspondingly more fragile than that little green memorandum notebook.  Dropping it is bad, so is stepping on it, kicking it, crushing it, or submerging it in water.

Solution?  Up armor your brain.  The option I went for was the Rhino skin aluminum carrier.  While not titanium (and yes there are titanium carriers out there) the Rhino skin does the job for me.  Made of aluminum, the Rhino skin locks the PDA in along the left hand edge of the PDA (using the devices original cover hinges) so it doesn't rattle around in the case.  Furthermore, the skin has a black foam rubber liner to protect the PDA.  The construction of the Rhino skin carrier allows you to plug in the charger, data cable, audio headphones, access all the peripheral ports, with the case closed, so you don't need to expose the PDA while doing maintenance.  Finally, the skin also has pockets for a couple of memory chips, in the event you need to juggle cards and don't want to have your spares floating around.

The only thing the skin won't do is keep your PDA dry.  For that I use a Ziploc freezer bag (or, for you high speed active duty types you can use the newly developed re-sealable pouch the Army's putting in MREs now for drinking your beverage base powder with.)

Get the Rhino Skin here

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