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Submitted by Eric Daniel

While going over the comments many of you posted regarding the Buck 110 utility knife, I came across several references to the TL-29. The TL-29 electrician's knife was originally an issue item manufactured by the Camillus Cutlery Company. It has two blades; one is a standard 2.5-inch cutting blade and the other is a locking combination screwdriver and scraping blade.

Unfortunately, in February of 2007 Camillus closed its doors for good. As a result, these knives are no longer being produced, no longer issued, and are rapidly becoming unavailable. If ever you wanted a replacement, now is the time to get one.

ED -- As a number of you have pointed out, the Link for this item was not working.  I thought I had resolved the issue but now it appears that the site that was carrying the TL-29, Simpson Ltd., no longer has any available.  The only other TL-29s I've found available have been on eBay.  Rather than play marco polo with temporary links, I'm going to remove the link here and search for another, long term, source for these knives.  Until then, if you were interested in getting one of these knives, I would recommend you do an individual internet search.

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