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The fighting man's squishy bowl



Submitted by Eric Daniel

Ok, I will be the first to admit, when I checked out the Squishy Bowl (BWJones commented on it under my spork entry) my first impression was, "Oh, no way in hell."

There is no way I am going to be caught dead in country packing this thing rolled up between my CLS bag and my claymore mine, and I sure as hell am not going to carry anything colored tomato or celery (those are foods, not colors.)

Seriously, my initial thought was, "why bother?" All the food I eat either comes in it's own bowl (MRE pouches) or it comes from the mess hall. Even when I'm "cooking" in the field, using my handy dandy "nazi pot" I usually end up eating out of the pot rather than transferring the food.

But, on second thought, my reaction was more one of, "well, why not?" A British soldier was the one who put name to concept I've had for some time when he described the "racing spoon", which was a spoon soldiers carried on them at all times. The racing spoon had to be big enough to eat lots fast, and long enough to be able to reach the bottom of the tin without shaking food out all over your face.

The squishy bowl is the racing spoon of bowls. It's lightweight, so it won't slow you down, it's flexible, so you can fold it up and stow it in a pocket or your "bail out" bag, and in the absence of a canteen cup, it is a relatively useful piece of camp kit.

The squishy bowl is made of 100% flexible food-grade silicone, temperature resistant to 400 degrees F (yes you outdoor survivalists can use it to sterilize water with for drinking) and can be turned inside out for "cleaning" (also known as licking.)

Just remember, when anyone asks, they only come in red, blue, gray, or green.

Get your Squishy Bowl here

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