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Submitted by John Williams

The best optic I have found is the Russian PK-01 it takes standard watch batteries and has an automatic brightness control, no fancy controls just turn it on it will keep the correct dot brightness regardless of light conditions.  Say you exit a vehicle, the dot isready to go, say you enter a building that is very dark then go back outside into bright sunlight this dot is always ready.  There is no screwing around with fancy reticles, a bunch of different brightness settings just on or off.  Also it has a 1.5 MOA dot which works nicely on my AR 15.

ED -- I've only found one source for this scope in the U.S.  The kit they show that comes with the scope features a pair of 30mm offset weaver rings (the scope, when mounted will be offset to the left of the rail.)  If you want to mount the scope directly over the rail, you need to buy seperate 30mm rings.  The PK-01 uses two standard AG13 watch batteries or one CR-1 3N Lithium battery.

Checkout the PK-01 here

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