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Submitted by Eric Daniel

When Brian and Ian mentioned a down under device called the splade in the titanium spork commentary, I have to admit I was a little skeptical.  Sure they do things a little different in Australia but a utensil that is a combination fork, spoon, AND knife?  It's a damn swiss army knife on a stick, I thought.  But, remembering the old story of the King, the Marine, and the tale of the flying fish, I decided to check it out.

Please allow me introduce you to the Splayed.  A staple in Australian department stores for over 50 years, the splayd is indeed a combination spoon/knife/fork.  Shaped like a square edged shovel with teeth, the splayd has a sharp edge on one side for cutting.  Admittedly I was a little concerned about putting anything in my mouth with a self described cutting edge, but seeing as how these things have been around for so long and since it would seem that the citizens of Australia haven't all cut their tongues off with one, that they are probably safe to use by the common Joe.

Moreover, since a set of Splayds come in a handsome velvet covered box (8 to a box, so there's one for every member of the squad), their use is sure to add a touch of elegance to what would otherwise be another ho hum MRE feast.

Get your set of Splayds here

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