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Submitted by Eric Daniel

Ok, a number of you have commented on these, so I decided to give them their own entry. I am, of course, referring to the titanium spork. Once the ubiquitous lunchtime sceptre wielded by kindergartners the world over, the spork has evolved into a lightweight, neigh indestructible culinary instrument of high adventure.

Part spoon, part fork and all titanium, these sporks are lightweight (half an ounce in most cases), and, being made of titanium, hold up well under extreme conditions (chili, mac and cheese, constructing an individual fighting position, etc...) so they will provide years of service (not that I've ever had a stainless steel mess kit spoon fail, but you get the idea.) As an added feature, the titanium sporks are also non-ferrous, so they can be used by you EOD-types for probing minefields, or by you SEAL-types for a quick bite of surf-and-turf as you hit the beach.

The only downside to the Ti-spork is the cost. At $10-$20 a unit, they aren't cheep (for a spoon) but if the best is what you want, this is it.

Get your Uber-spork here

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