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Submitted by Eric Daniel

I was introduced to "Rooster Juice" (a.k.a. Sriracha hot chili sauce) back in 1992 when I would dine at my Platoon Sergeant's house. His girlfriend was a flight attendant on Singapore Airlines and one hell of a good cook and every time she was in town she would lay out the best tasting, and hottest, Thai food I ever had (honest to God we would sit there eating saying "This is great, this is great, I'm gonna die I'm gonna die...")

Anyway, one of the condiments that always went with her food was a bottle of Sriracha hot chili sauce. Essentially ground chili peppers with a few other ingredients to round out the palate, this sauce is absolutely devastating with rice or any other tomato based pasta dish. As an added bonus, it doesn't require refrigeration on opening, so it's ok for use in the field.

P.S. I started calling it rooster juice after trying to describe it to someone over the phone. I wasn't exactly sure of the name so I just said, "look for the clear bottle with the red sauce, green cap and the rooster on the front."

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