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Submitted by Chris Johnson

I wanted to agree with the other guy about loving his coffee mug. I can't however agree with his ultimate choice.

I used the Thermos-Nissan JMF502 for a while until it started to leak out of the screw top lid. I have found a superior piece of kit however in another thermos product, the E5 Travel mug. The Thermos E5 has a double seal in its screw top lid. Screw down snuggly and the mug is completely sealed, unscrew the lid a couple of turns and you can drink from it, and of course unscrew all the way to fill-er up again.

This functionality is not the best part however. I have poured my hot beverage of choice on many occasion, screwed the lid down tight and left it to go work on something, come back 4 hours later and it's still hot. I'm not exaggerating. It obviously isn't as hot as it was but it is definitely well above room temperature. The insulation is awesome; I can't live without it now. Being a Submariner, the boats can get pretty chilly, but this baby keeps me warm and toasty all watch long.

ED - So that's what it was.... Yes, my cup, after a couple of months use, started to leak. Not so much that it was a concern (I wasn't losing all my coffee) but enough that it was annoying. Besides, with the gasket there in the lid there shouldn't be any leaking period. I'm definitely going to give this one a try. Thanks!!

Get the Thermos E5 Travel Mug here

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