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Gun camera filming, groundpounder style



Submitted by Chris Schmidt

Ever wanted to film all those raids and patrols you do with your squad without having to juggle that damn digital camera/camcorder? Too scared to even bring your camera out on mission for fear it will get fouled up by all the dust/sand/water? The SC-X210L is the perfect recording device for those downrange that want to get that 1st person perspective or want to film from crazy angles.

The compact size of the camera itself is great (it fits into a standard-issue frag grenade pouch) but that's not the best part. That would be the remote camera extension that comes included. The extension connects to the camera and can be attached to damn near anything. I've mounted it onto my helmet for some wicked room-clearing and firefight footage. If you do it just right, you can get it so your weapon will be in the shot as you shoulder it.

Another great thing is the footage is saved onto a solid-state hard drive in MPEG4 format. That means you can shake the hell out of it and it will still work, no tapes or sensitive guts inside to get messed up. It's also water resistant, as it was originally designed for extreme sports like white water rafting, snowboarding and skydiving.

The camera itself is capable of 10x optical zoom. It has 1GB internal memory and takes SD cards up to 2GB. It comes with a dual-voltage battery charger. It takes stills, can be used as a voice recorder and holds and plays MP3s.

Cons are as follows; low-light recording is pretty crappy, and there's no night vision mode like larger camcorders offer. Battery life is only about an hour and spare batts are tough to find, even on the internet (though it is possible.) The remote camera does not offer any zoom.

What you have to remember this camera isn't made to capture high def images, it's made to take video where other cameras won't dare to go. So far I've mounted this camera on: My M4, The .50 cal on my M1114, behind the windshield of M1114, on the turret of my M1114, on top of the turret of my M1A2 tank, the side of my kevlar, the top of my Kevlar, my shoulder (not recommended.) You get the idea. If you can shell out the $400, this motorized tanker highly recommends this item for your next tour.

Get the Samsung SC-X210L here

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