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Photon microlight



Submitted by James Hollon

A must have for all deploying soldiers. I carried one on my dogtag chain throughout my OIF deployment. Always handy and available, lightweight, and the battery last for years (depending on amount of usage). I've had one in use for 3 years without replacing the battery. I recommend red light for map reading, or blue because of the short wave length of the light. No WHITE LIGHT!

ED - James, yes, these are brilliant little lights to have.  They're just the ticket for when a little bit of light is good enough (seems now a days seems everyone is packing one of those surefire portable lighthouses you could signal Venus with.)  My only word of caution though is check the water integrity.  I do not recall the brand of LED microlight I was using, but when the sucker got wet it would turn on (yes, the package said it was water resistant; I checked before I bought it.)  I eventually solved the problem by putting a little medical pill bag over the light if I knew I was going out in the wet.  Bottom line though, these are good lights to have.

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