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Submitted by Eric Daniel

The first multi-tool I started using was the Swiss Army Champ. It was big and it was expensive and I did not need 90% of the tools that it came standard with, but what it did have, and what made it simply indispensable for me as an M1A1 gunner was a tiny jeweler's screwdriver.

For those of you in the armor community, you know a jeweler's screwdriver is an absolute must for adjusting emergency mode drift (yes yes, adjusting emergency mode drift is a organizational-level maintenance function (which is why tank BII doesn't come with a jeweler's screwdriver) but when was the last time a mechanic actually came out to the gun line to adjust your drift??)

You could always carry one in the pen pocket of your CVC coveralls, where it would tear a hole in the sleeve, or you could put it in the TC's oddment box under his armrest, where it was a pain in the butt to get to, or you could stick it into the foam pad on the spent brass box, where you'd bend it getting in and out of the gunner's station.

OR.... you could go out and get a Champ and do your E-mode drift in style.

By today's multi-tool standards the Champ, though a precision piece of equipment, is a bit spendy and not as stout, it is still indispensable for that one job, which is why I still have mine, 15 years later.

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