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Caution - low flying liquids


Submitted by Dan Smith

This might seem trivial but here goes. While part of a Security Alert Team "SAT" we often had to eat lunch in the vehicle and seems like during that time we would have to respond and our drink cups would spill and fly all over.  Solution= short sections of plactic pipe,screws and a phillips screwdriver scrounged from Civil Engineers.  Caught some flak from some captain for putting holes in the vehicle but was worth it.

ED- Here's another option - use velcro.  For those of you who spend a lot of time in vehicles (mounted patrols, MSR security, convoy escort, etc.) get yourself some velcro (it can be purchased in 2" wide rolls) and put a "square" of velcro somewhere handy and tack some to the bottom of your favorite travel cup.  This will not only stabilize the cup, but it will also give you a place to stow the cup when not in use.

Buy some velcro here

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