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Clean as a Whistle -- The OTIS tactical cleaning kit



Submitted by J. Balboni

During SAFS assembly, (sniper school for everybody) the old pros showed me the gun-cleaning tool that's issued for "SPECIAL military personnel" and is used by civilian professionals. It is designed so that you can PULL a med/loose patch to get the majority of contaminants out, or, the tightest patch you can imagine to clean the corners of the lands! You run a CLEAN patch through every time, not a piece of rope crammed with abrasive carbon, metal & crud that abrades your barrel! Even civilian pros would never use a dirty rope (it's clean for the first pass only, after that, it's dirty bud.)  Those in the know, use an OTIS. When you pull the coated cable, it's not touching anything! The only thing touching the bore is a clean patch! Take care of your stuff properly, and it will take care of you. Oh, and it's all in one small pouch, the size of a sm. bagel, AND has everything you need to clean a 9 mm, 12 Ga., 7.62, or a 5.56, patches, oil, and a BORE LIGHT!

OTIS tactical cleaning kit

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