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THE tanker stove?


Submitted by Rex Manchesian

In Vietnam WE had a stove that we called "TANKER STOVE"

The stove was about the size of a pineapple and it came in a aluminum casing which also served as cooking pots.  - IT BURNED EVERYTHING  -- The fuel was contained in a container at the bottom of the stove --it had a small hand pump built in --only a few pushes on it pressurized the container and you where ready to go --it would burn for hrs on one small load of fuel -- we guarded it with our lives.  I still have one over 40 years latter.  Coleman makes a stove similar to it.

ED - Rex, I think the stove you are referring to is this one pictured here.  It's the M1950 Squad stove.  As you describe, it comes in a two piece aluminum container which also serve as pots.  The stove will run white gas, MOGAS, and leaded and unleaded gasoline.M1950 Squad Stove

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