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Submitted by Eric Daniel

Getting lost sucks.  There's simply no better way to describe it.  Getting lost in a place where you are likely to die unless you get un-lost in a hurry sucks even more.  One thing you can carry with you on your adventures, whether in the military or as a civilian, is a good lightweight strobe light.  The one I originally carried was the SDU-5/E strobe (with both the IR and "blue light" filters) which was issued to aircrews as a piece of survival kit.  But as batteries became harder and harder to find (the SDU-5/E takes a mil-spec BA-1574/U mercury battery, which, if you can find it, will run you $30-40 each) I switched over to the ARC MS-2000(M) strobe.  While slightly larger than the SDU-5/E, it comes complete; the IR and blue light filters are incorporated into the construction, and, most importantly, it runs off of AA batteries.ARC MS-2000(M) strobe light

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