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Der wooly pully



Submitted by Eric Daniel

Back in the 1970s the Marine Corps introduced what was probably the most versatile, indestructible, and functional piece of tactical clothing ever - the wooly pully.  It was brilliant.  It kept you warm, it was well constructed and would stand up to abuse well, and you could hand wash it in the field, or machine-wash it in garrison.  Unfortunately, the only thing you couldn't do with it, especially if you were in the army, was wear it.  Oh no, it was a veritable death sentence if some officer or staff NCO caught you wearing the dreaded USMC wool-pully; after all, we're soldiers, and we have our own, albeit awful, tactical sweater, that flimsy 3 button monstrosity that grows when wet and wouldn't survive a trip to Jellystone, much less a 45 day field problem.  Funny thing though, those same officers and senior NCOs who were death on the wooly-pully seemed to accept just fine the West German commando sweater.  Made in the same style, and to the same toughness as the wooly-pully, but sporting a pair of German flags and a breast pocket, the commando sweater has served me well these last 12 years, and I use it still, instead of the shrink wrap plastic stuff the army issues now.

German commando sweaterWooly-pully

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