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Submitted by Christopher Robbins

Leatherman Multi-Tool - Stainless Steel Finish

I was first introduced to the multi-tool as a Marine Infantryman. I don't think there was a single Marine in my platoon without one. There were even a couple of guys who built a one room log cabin with nothing but a Leatherman and a finger saw back in the 80's. In the words of a fellow Marine, "I could take over the world with a Leatherman and a few Marines". One tiny little tool that had everything you could possibly need to survive in the outdoors: saw blade, different screwdrivers, pliers, knife blades, wire cutters, punch (awl) blade, this thing was incredible, until Gerber comes out with their version of a multi-tool. You can open this thing with one hand, it comes in black and doesn't rust up, holds a razor sharp edge, and it will save your life, or at least make life much easier when at your side and you need to open dinner from a can or build a hooch for the night. Whatever multi-tool you carry, just make sure it isn't a cheap imitation from a non-reputable company. I can count numerous occasions on the battlefield in Iraq where the only thing that saved us from being stranded was some 100MPH tape and a Gerber multi-tool. You would be surprised at how many HMMWV parts you can manufacture with a Gerber and scraps from an Iraqi road side (and there are never any scraps along an Iraqi road side, now are there?). Every Soldier, Sailor, and Marine should be issued one upon arrival to their first unit. Like my old K-bar, I LOVE my multi-tool!

Submitted by Mark Rowland

I was an A-10A "Thunderbolt II/Warthog" Crew Chief assigned to the 23d Tactical Fighter Group "Flying Tigers" at England Air Force Base. I bought a "Leatherman" multi-tool and kept it on my belt. When I was assigned to the End of Runway crew, I found that the Leatherman was a handy, trusty tool that saved a lot of time launching aircraft on their missions. If a panel popped open on the aircraft or on the weapons loaded onto it, I could usually get it secured without having to run back to the EOR Shack for a screwdriver. I fixed a lot of things with the Leatherman. Fortunately, I never was written up by a Safety Inspector for having an unauthorized tool on my person.

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