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Submitted by Francis Marion

You can credit this piece of advice to the S.O.B. who stole my bike just before 9-11.   While packing my bags before my first deployement to Afghanistan I saw a can of bicycle chain lube for a bike I no longer had.  I hate to see any purchase go to waste, so I tossed it in my bag to try on my M-4.  Let me say, nothing sticks to teflon.       Finishline's Teflon-Plus is a wax based teflon spray that completely eliminates metal-on-metal friction and all of the typical grinding a weapon usually goes through. It does not collect dust. Clean-up is also much easier. I wipe the wax off the weapon and all carbon comes off with it; only 3 small areas that receive high pressure gasses need any scrubbing.  All other dry lubes I have tried are a real pain to clean. I have used this stuff almost exclusively in all my rifles for over four years, three combat tours, and thousands of rounds of ammo.  I pleased to report that my rifles have always performed flawlessly. They do not jam, and they need less maintenance.      Be advised:  This lube is not for "conceal carry" pistols. Although it does lube them just as well as rifles, it attracts lint from your clothes (but not dust). I had problems with my M9 when lint buildup in the wax base caused my slide to bind.

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