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Submitted by Steve Ritterbusch

Otis Deluxe Military Cleaning System

The Otis Deluxe Military Cleaning System was designed for the soldier in mind who carries rifles, pistols and shotguns. This system was engineered to clean and maintain all issue small arms weapon systems. This one kit eliminates the multiple kits required to service the issue weapons. The Deluxe Military Cleaning System includes the tools necessary to clean all 7.62, 5.56, 50 Cal., 12 gauge shotguns, 9mm through 45 caliber pistols and sub guns and replaces over three pounds of conventional gear. Bore obstructions, mud or snow can be dislodged out the muzzle end. A stuck empty case or bullet lodged in the neck can be easily knocked out. Specific tools are included to clean the locking lugs, bolt face, carrier key, bolt and slide.

     A Naval Reservist friend of mine recently sent me the following:  "I attached the cleaning kit to my gear and used the lubricant while out in the field.  The lubricant worked great.  I had a squad of 12 members and I shared within.  We didn't have any weapon jams or other issues.  I absolutely love the cleaning kit!  The tools let me get the carbon out of the tight, hard-to-reach spots.  My weapon was so clean, I would have eaten off of it."

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