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Limb-Saving Watchband


Submitted by Buzzard


This watchband saved my wrist from being split in two during a high seas covert ship boarding. We were attempting to board a vessel carrying illegal cargo during the most unpleasant sea conditions from a RIHB boat, and as we were coming along side the vessel the seas swelled down the RIHB dropped below the curve of the vessel's hull.  As the seas began to swell up we were stuck bellow the curve of the hull and were pushed up into the vessel. When this happened my arm was pinned between the console railing of the RIHB and the hull of the vessel. Had it not been for this watchband my wrist(arm) would have been split between the two bones. Having this watchband on kept the bones from separating and all that was sustained was some bruising and a shattered watch. This band differers from many others in that it is a single piece of nylon that wraps around the wrist twice and is secured with Velcro. Others only use an inch or so of Velcro to secure the band or include plastic rings where the band loops through to tie back to itself - both of which are far from being really safe. Heck, I've been known to take a $692 watch off of the metal band and use one of these babys instead!

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