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Submitted by Eric Daniel

Once supply issued by the United States army, the Trioxane fuel tabs and the cooking stand have since gone the way of the Dodo bird.  Brilliantly compact and simple to use, they were a quick and easy source of hot water.  Moreover, given that the fuel tabs, when lit, burn with a faint blue flame, they present a very low visible light signature, and I have successfully used them to brew up a cup of coffee inside a tank without setting off the turret fire detection sensors.  Of the three, only the canteen cup is still supply issued.  The stand is being phased out and the tabs are long gone.  However, all three are easily and cheaply available from retail and online military surplus stores.  As a final note, I have taken to burning my tabs in an old WWII-era wood alcohol ration heater (again easily available at most surplus stores.)  These small heaters are essentially tins of jelled methanol with a re-sealable lid.  Once the methanol gel is burned off you can use the small tin as a fire pot to burn the trioxane tabs in.  This will allow you to save un-need fuel for later use (put the lid on the tin to snuff out the flame) as well as enable you to easily put out the flame if you need to relocate (once lit the fuel tabs can be somewhat difficult to extinguish.

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