Veteran Jobs Mission Aims to Hire a Million Vets


The Veteran Jobs Mission is a leading private-sector solution addressing U.S. military veteran unemployment. The mission began in 2011 as a coalition of 11 leading companies committed to hiring 100,000 Veterans by 2020. Since then, the coalition has grown to include more than 230 private-sector companies that represent virtually every industry in the U.S. economy. The Veteran Jobs Mission coalition has collectively hired more than 380,000 Veterans since its formation.

“Our member companies within the Veteran Jobs Mission have been incredibly successful in securing meaningful employment for nearly 400,000 service members transitioning into the civilian workforce. Despite the overwhelming success, we continue to want to refine how we can source transitioning military and veteran talent,” said JPMorgan Chase Military & Veteran Affairs Program Manager Chris Byrne.

Building on this momentum and reflecting the significant contributions Veterans have made to the companies that have hired them, the Veteran Jobs Mission has raised its goal to hiring 1 million U.S. military Veterans. Beyond their ongoing search for top military talent, Veteran Jobs Mission members are continuing to increase their focus on retention and career development of Veterans in the private sector. This includes supporting veterans as they adapt to the workplace by establishing sponsorship and on-boarding training programs, as well as industry-based coalition subgroups to increase collaboration among members.

“The coalition is committed to growing, not only in the number of member organizations and total veterans hired, but also through expanding the coalition’s scope in cultivating best practices across industries," adds Byrne. "In doing so, we’ll ensure that veterans not only secure employment, but can also find supportive working environments for development in a number of relevant areas once they’re at a company.”

If your organization is interested in learning more about the requirements for joining Veteran Jobs Mission coalition or you are considering making the commitment to hiring veterans, you can contact the VJM team via email at: is a proud member of the Veteran Jobs Mission.

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