• VH-60N

Manufacturer: Sikorsky

Service: USMC Propulsion: 2x General Electric T700-GE-401 engines. Crew: Three to four. Inventory: 8

The VH-60N is an executive transport helicopter derived from both the U.S. Army’s UH-60 Black Hawk and the U.S. Navy’s SH-60 Seahawk aircraft. The H-60 family of helicopters is widely used throughout the Department of Defense for anti-submarine warfare, search and rescue, drug interdiction, anti-ship warfare, cargo lift, and special operations. The VH-60N was first delivered to HMX-1 in 1989 as a replacement for the VH-1N.

VH-60N incorporates day/night/all-weather operations, self-contained navigation, GPS, TCAS, and CSFIR sensors, and carries no weapons. Communications include extensive communication capability with communications station operator; and EMP hardening. Currently out of production.

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