MK-45 5-inch Gun

  • MK-45 5 inch Gun
MK-45 5 Inch Gun

Range: 13 nm

Rate of Fire: 16-20 rpm

Capacity: 600 rounds

Caliber: 5 inch 54 caliber

Guidance System: MK 45 Gun Mount is remotely fired from the MK 160 Gun Computer System or MK 86 Gun Fire Control during normal operations

Fully-automatic naval gun mount employed against surface (Anti-Surface Warfare - ASuW), air (Anti-Air Warfare - AAW), and land attack (Naval Surface Fire Support - NSFS) targets.

The MK 45 gun was developed as a lighter weight, more easily maintained replacement for the MK 42 5”/54 caliber gun mount. It is designed to engage surface and air targets and to provide naval surface fire support for expeditionary operations. The MK 45 Mod 4 gun mount upgrade includes a longer barrel (62 caliber) that improves the gun’s effectiveness as a land attack weapon (naval surface fire support).

The gun mount includes a 20 round automatic loader drum. The gun's maximum firing rate is 16-20 rounds from the loader drum per minute. The rounds in the loader drum can be fired with one crewmember located at the EP-2 console below deck. Additional rounds can be accomplished by the full crew (Mount Captain, EP-2 Operator and four ammunition handlers), all of which are stationed below deck.

The MK 45 gun is installed aboard DDG 51 and CG 47 class ships.

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