M777 Howitzer

  • M777 Howitzer
  • M777 Howitzer
  • M777 Howitzer
M777 Howitzer

Manufacturer: BAE Systems

Service: US Army, USMC

Caliber: 155mm

Weight: 7,500 lb

Length: 35 ft

Travel: 31 ft 2 in

Barrel length: 200 in

Crew: 8

Max Rate of Fire: 5 rpm

Max Range: 18.6 mi; (Excalibur)25 mi

The M777 Lightweight 155mm howitzer provides timely, accurate and continuous firepower in support of Marine and Army infantry forces and replaces the M198 towed Howitzer.

In 2005, the Army and Marine Corps began fielding the M777, a much smaller, lighter (9,000 pounds lighter) and more maneuverable towed cannon weapon than its predecessor, resulting in improved transportability and mobility without impacting range or accuracy. Seven-ton trucks are used to move the M777s, enabling artillery units to move faster between positions.

A must for equipment in an expeditionary force, the howitzer is also highly deployable, able to be lifted externally by both the MV-22 Osprey and CH-53E Super Stallion and a single CH-47 Chinook.