M151 Spotting Scope

M151 Spotting Scope

The M151 Improved Spotting Scope allows recognition and identification of targets at long distances for U.S. troops executing precision ground engagements.

A light and compact scope with powerful and bright optics, the M151 has a 12-40x magnification with a 60mm objective lense diameter. The scope has a Leupold MilDot reticle for both range estimation and tactical collaboration with the shooter. The scope is weather resistant and fogproof.

The M151 comes with a tactical tripod kit that allows spotters to employ the sight from the prone and sitting position. Constructed of high-strength lightweight aluminum, the tactical tripod deploys quietly and provides rock solid stability necessary for sniper reconnaissance, target interdiction, observation and surveillance missions.

A laser filter unit protects the observer from magnified eye hazards on the battlefield as well as an anti-reflection device to virtually eliminate detection from returned glint off the scope’s objective lens.

The M151 is also fielded with a threadable night vision adaptor that allows an AN/PVS-14 NVG to be attached to the spotting scope’s eyepiece.

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