Los Angeles Class Fast Attack Submarine

  • Los Angeles Class Attack Submarine
Los Angeles Class Attack Submarine

Manufacturer: Newport News Shipbuilding Co.; General Dynamics Electric Boat Division.

Service: USN

Armament: Tomahawk missiles, VLS tubes (SSN 719 and later), MK48 torpedoes, four torpedo tubes.

Propulsion: One nuclear reactor, one shaft

Speed: 25+ knots

Crew: 16 Officers; 127 Enlisted

Los Angeles (SSN 688)-class submarines are the backbone of the U.S. Navy’s submarine force with 41 ships now on active duty. Thirty Los Angeles-class SSNs are equipped with 12 Vertical Launch System tubes for firing Tomahawk cruise missiles.

Designed as a follow-on to the Sturgeon-class submarines built during the 1960s, the Los Angeles-class incorporates improved sound quieting and a larger propulsion plant than previous classes. It’s capabilities include wartime functions of undersea warfare, surface warfare, strike warfare, mining operations, special forces delivery, reconnaissance, carrier battle group support and escort, and intelligence collection.

The last 23 submarines of the Los Angeles class, called "Improved 688s" (I688s), are quieter, incorporate an advanced combat system and are configured for under-ice operations - their diving planes were moved from the sail to the bow and sail strengthened for breaking through ice. The I688s also have twelve vertical launch tubes for Tomahawk Cruise Missiles.

Ships in the class:

USS Bremerton (SSN 698), Pearl Harbor, HI USS Jacksonville (SSN 699), Pearl Harbor, HI USS Dallas (SSN 700), Groton, CT USS La Jolla (SSN 701), Pearl Harbor, HI USS City of Corpus Christi (SSN 705), Pearl Harbor, HI USS Albuquerque (SSN 706), San Diego, CA USS San Francisco (SSN 711), San Diego, CA USS Houston (SSN 713), Pearl Harbor, HI USS Norfolk (SSN 714), Norfolk, VA USS Buffalo (SSN 715), Pearl Harbor, HI USS Olympia (SSN 717), Pearl Harbor, HI USS Providence (SSN 719), Groton, CT USS Pittsburgh (SSN 720), Groton, CT USS Chicago (SSN 721), Guam USS Key West (SSN 722), Guam USS Oklahoma City (SSN 723), Guam USS Louisville (SSN 724), Pearl Harbor, HI USS Helena (SSN 725), Norfolk, VA USS Newport News (SSN 750), Norfolk, VA USS San Juan (SSN 751), Groton, CT USS Pasadena (SSN 752), San Diego, CA USS Albany (SSN 753), Norfolk, VA USS Topeka (SSN 754), Portsmouth, NH USS Miami (SSN 755), Portsmouth, NH (commenced inactivation September 27, 2013) USS Scranton (SSN 756), Norfolk, VA USS Alexandria (SSN 757), Portsmouth, NH USS Asheville (SSN 758), San Diego, CA USS Jefferson City (SSN 759), San Diego, CA USS Annapolis (SSN 760), Groton, CT USS Springfield (SSN 761), Groton, CT USS Columbus (SSN 762), Pearl Harbor, HI USS Santa Fe (SSN 763), Pearl Harbor, HI USS Boise (SSN 764), Norfolk, VA USS Montpelier (SSN 765), Norfolk, VA USS Charlotte (SSN 766), Pearl Harbor, HI USS Hampton (SSN 767), San Diego, CA USS Hartford (SSN 768), Groton, CT USS Toledo (SSN 769), Groton, CT USS Tucson (SSN 770), Pearl Harbor, HI USS Columbia (SSN 771), Pearl Harbor, HI USS Greeneville (SSN 772), Pearl Harbor, HI USS Cheyenne (SSN 773), Pearl Harbor, HI

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