Lightweight Tactical All Terrain Vehicle (LTATV)

  • LTATV 001

The Lightweight Tactical All Terrain Vehicles is small, side-by-side vehicle used by U.S. Special Operations Forces, including those operating in Afghanistan.

Like the four-wheeler vehicles also use, the LTATV provides SOF teams with a highly maneuverable and mobile form of transportation that is also low profile and easily transportable.

Models of LTATVs in use by U.S. SOF include militarized versions of Polaris MRZR and the Kawasaki Tyrex 750. LTATVs can be air transported in MH-47/CH-47 and CV-22/MV-22 rotary-wing aircraft.

Other features include 4-wheel drive front differential lock system, four-point shoulder harness, run-flat tires, roll over protection and infrared headlamp filters. LTATVs can carry two operators and up to 500 pounds of equipment.

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