Deep Drone 8000

  • Deep Drone 8000
  • Deep Drone 8000
  • Deep Drone 8000
Deep Drone 8000
3 knots (5 knots optional)
US Navy
8,000 ft
300 lbs.
Auto Controls - depth, altitude, heading

Deep Drone 8000 is a 4,100 pound Remotely Operated Vehicle that is designed to meet the Navy's mid-water salvage requirements down to a maximum depth of 8,000 feet seawater.

The system consists of the vehicle, umbilical cable, motion-compensated handling system, deck hydraulic power unit, generator, operations van and maintenance van. Navigation is accomplished with an ultra-short baseline acoustic tracking system. Two handling systems are available, Sea Horse I for shallow operations (6,000 feet) and Sea Horse II for deeper operations (8,000 feet).

The operator can control the ROV in all six degrees of motion with auto-control functions for depth, altitude, and heading. The vehicle is equipped with CTFM sonar that can detect acoustic pingers and identify small targets to a distance of 2,000 feet. Deep Drone uses both electric and hydraulic thrusters for propulsion. It has two seven-function manipulators capable of working with tools and attaching rigging. For photographic documentation, the vehicle has a digital still camera with a strobe and both black and white and color television cameras.

For special operations, the ROV can accommodate custom, skid-mounted tool packages. These packages could include, but are not limited to, trenchers, specialized salvage tools, and instrument packages or other mission-oriented equipment. The system is air transportable and can operate from any capable platform of opportunity.

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