Navy Makes Changes to Tuition Assistance

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Sailors using the service's popular Tuition Assistance (TA) program will be eligible for more training in fiscal 2022, but the requirements for using the program will get stricter.

According to NAVADMIN 214/21, released on Sept. 28, 2021, sailors will see the annual limit on courses they may receive reimbursement for increase from 12 to 18 semester hours, or the quarter-hour equivalent.

That means that beginning on Oct. 1, sailors will be able to receive up to $4,500 worth of free education annually while they are on active duty.

Previously, TA was limited to $3,750 maximum reimbursement annually

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Along with the increased funding, however, comes more restrictions on the program. Some include:

  • All TA participants must have at least a 3.0 rating on their most recent evaluation or fitness report.
  • Officers are only eligible as an O-3 or above.
  • Enlisted sailors with less than 16 years of service will only be eligible if they have at least 12 months of active service remaining on their current enlistment.
  • Sailors can take only two courses per fiscal quarter (October-December, January-March, etc.)
  • Members must not have had a non-judicial punishment in the last 12 months.

Also changing is the new requirement that all TA recipients must have at least three years of active service before being approved for the program. Previously, members only were required to have a minimum of two years of active service. Sailors who currently are enrolled in the TA program and have not completed three years of service will not be eligible for future tuition assistance until they have completed the necessary service to apply for the program again.

All branches of the military have tuition assistance programs for active-duty members. Check out our Military Tuition Assistance page for details.

Navy members should check with their education officer or the Navy College website for more information.

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