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McCain Blasts Ford Carrier as 'Case Study' in Acquisition Gone Wrong

After the Navy acknowledged delivery of the new Ford-class carrier will be delayed by a couple of months to November due to problems discovered during testing, Sen. John McCain issued a scathing statement in which he expressed his exasperation at yet another setback for the ship, whose $2.3 billion in overruns have increased its overall cost to $13 billion.

Another delivery delay "further demonstrates that key systems still have not demonstrated expected performance," the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee said. "The advanced arresting gear [AAG] cannot recover airplanes. Advanced weapons elevators cannot lift munitions. The dual-band radar cannot integrate two radar bands. Even if everything goes according to the Navy's plan, CVN-78 will be delivered with multiple systems unproven.

"This situation is unacceptable and was entirely preventable," McCain said. "The Ford-class program is a case study in why our acquisition system must be reformed."

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