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Donilon issues stern cyber warning to China


U.S. National Security Adviser Tom Donilon stopped speaking in vagaries on Monday and called China out by name for the high number of cyber attacks coming from China that target U.S. businesses and federal agencies.

In the past, White House and government officials avoided specifically calling out China for the cyber attacks. However, the administration has since stepped up the rhetoric on getting serious about combating cyber threats. Government officials, to include former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, has addressed U.S. concerns with China in the past, but they have not laid out their concerns publicly.

In a speech to the Asia Society in New York, Donilon went public. Go to DoDBuzz's sister blog, DefenseTech for a longer story on what Donilon had to say and the implications. Here is one quote from the newly minted national security adviser.

"From the President on down, this has become a key point of concern and discussion with China at all levels of our governments.  And it will continue to be," Donilon said. "The United States will do all it must to protect our national networks, critical infrastructure, and our valuable public and private sector property."

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