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Weekend wrap: Expeditionary links


This short holiday week is drawing to a close, and here are a few things we didn't get a chance to write about over the past four days:

• Did you see where Lockheed said it was willing to permit some parts of the F-35 to be built in Japan if Japan jumps into the Joint Strike Fighter club?

• The alleged Chinese cyber-attacks on defense contractors, the feds, journalists and others shows that the U.S. continues not to be ready for an "electronic Pearl Harbor," reports Stars and Stripes -- in fact, some analysts say the attack has already been underway for years, costing America who knows how many priceless secrets.

• If you think DoD is going to have a rough time in Austerity America, writes Kate Brannen of Defense News, just take a look at the State Department.

• It's not glamorous, but the key for the Pentagon to get F-35 and other costs under control will be competent management, writes Mandy Smithberger at POGO -- and DoD has its work cut out.

• Rust never sleeps, but it does cost taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars, and the Pentagon needs as much help as it can get to fight corrosion.

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