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Weekend wrap-up: Expeditionary links


Here are some of the things on the Web we didn't get to this week -- but you still can:

• Cincinnati doesn't need the dumb ol' F136 jet engine anyhow, a local newspaper editorialized. The hometown team at GE Aviation, up in Evendale, has plenty of work doing other stuff.

• The House Armed Services Committee is going to do things in a very unusual way as it gets ready to deal with budget matters coming up.

• Chow time was special this week for Marine Lance Cpl. Wayne Snelling and Lance Cpl. Taylor Slay of the 3rd Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion, because they, their comrades, and even their working dog, Mac, got special steak dinners courtesy of a Texas nonprofit.

• Here's a new one: The Pentagon brass says we're making progress in Afghanistan, but it's fragile, and it all depends on events yet to transpire. Wait -- haven't we seen this movie before?

• The Fire Scout unmanned helicopter is setting endurance records -- which it'll need for its deployment to Afghanistan.

• Have you seen John's video of the guy firing his Kalashnikov on full auto, and it totally comes apart? It's not polite to laugh at others' misfortunes, but -- check it out.

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