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Marines Face Huge CR Procurement Loss


The Marines face the "catastrophic" loss of up to one-third of their acquisition money --$563 million -- if Congress does not pass an annual defense spending bill, Commandant Gen. James Amos told the Senate Armed Services Committee today.

A Continuing Resolution, Amos said,  "could prove catastrophic" to Marine procurement.

Navy Secretary Ray Mabus said in his prepared remarks that a CR would "prevent equipment replacement or purchase of 4 H-1 helicopters, numerous LAVs, MTVR.s, LVSRs; tech upgrades to counter IED jammers; communication and intelligence equipment; tactical fuel systems to power our vehicles and generators; engineering equipment to move ammo, gear and supplies; air conditioners and heaters to take care of Marines and sensitive gear; and EOD improvements to protect them."

The CR would have even greater effects on the civilian population that relies on Navy and Marine funding, Mabus said, touching 10,000 jobs at  facilities around the country. And it may cost more than the CR would save over this year's budget. "The degradation or loss of perishable skillsets within our workforce, including many nuclear workers, and the disruption to both our fleet and shore maintenance and modernization schedules will take three years to recover based on rotational schedules alone – and only at significantly greater cost than requested in the FY 2011 President’s Budget," he said.

Sen. Susan Collins of Maine picked up on this, saying a CR  may put "into jeopardy as many as 10,000 private sector jobs." And she aimed straight at some of her fellow senators, saying they "argue that a CR will save us money... but i think it will end up costing us more noney in the long run."

Over to you,  Sen. Rand Paul and fellow Tea Party supporters.

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