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China Goofs: The Week Ahead


Only a truly authoritarian regime could generate such wonderful irony as China did when an official broadcaster apparently showed footage from the Top Gun movie and portrayed it as film from a recent military exercise.

That comes after the PRC's president Hu Jintao had to tell Defense Secretary Robert Gates in mid-January  that he did not know that the the supposedly stealthy J-20 was to have been unveiled during Gates' visit.

With China playing such a prominent role in defense news over the last few months -- there are those carrier plans, the fancy anti-carrier missile, the J-20 -- we've asked well-respected China expert Dean Cheng at the Heritage Foundation to enlighten Buzz readers with his analysis of President's Hu's visit and just how US-China military and strategic relations are really faring.

Congress is pretty much out for the week. Expect to hear more budget posturing from all sides. At the Pentagon, the senior folks and the public affairs types will be polishing up their budget presentations, which are slated to roll by the middle of February. By the way, this is the first of a regular weekly look ahead that Buzz readers can catch each weekend.

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