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Judge Tosses F-35 Software Suit


Lockheed Martin, dogged by a whistleblower lawsuit charging the company built lousy and possibly dangerous software for the F-35, is breathing a little easier this afternoon as a judge dismissed the suit.

According to my colleague Bob Fox at the Fort Worth Star-Telegram (the F-35's home town paper), U.S. District Court Judge Terry Means recently threw out the 2006 suit filed by Sylvester Davis, a former software engineer on the program.

"Davis, Means said in the ruling, 'fails to allege the dates of any false claim or any information regarding the documents Lockheed submitted to the government for payment,” according to the Star-Telegram.

Bob reports that "Attorneys for Davis have since filed a motion asking Means to set aside the ruling and allow them to present new evidence supporting Davis’ case."

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