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Hill Gets JSF Nunn-McCurdy


The Pentagon has officially notified Congress of the Joint Strike Fighter’s breach of legal cost growth limits, requiring a top-to-bottom review of the program.

The Senate and House armed services committees were told of the Nunn-McCurdy breach on Friday.  Details were extremely scant. As the letter from Air Force Secretary Mike Donley said, they will provide details in the latest Selected Acquisition Report (SAR), due out "on or about April 2." DoD thus complied with Ash Carter's pledge that Congress would receive notification on or before or around April 1. Of course, this probably means they avoid the wonderful prospect of the JSF price increase getting lots of publicity on April Fool's Day.

What does Congress think of the formal notification? Not much, if the two-word comment by one congressional aide is any indication: "Very unrequit(e)ing."

If anyone has the Selected Acquisition Report and wants it to see some daylight, please send it to us soonest.

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