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GCV RFP Released


The Army received approval from Ashton Carter to release the Ground Combat Vehicle (GCV) Request For Proposal (RFP) to industry today. We have a copy of it here; additional attachments to the RFP can be found at the TACOM procurement web site. Industry proposals are due no later than 1 p.m. on 26 April, Army officials say

“The GCV IFV will have greater survivability, infantry carrying ability and lethality than current force vehicles,” the document says. The GCV IFV has a requirement for a hit avoidance system, part of which will be an Army funded active-protection system, although builders can choose other active protection systems on the market. “It is the responsibility of the offeror to select the APS solution best suited for its design to meet the relevant requirements of the GCV IFV Performance Specification.”

The RFP also says the Army is funding development of “light weight high performance armors,” and will provide the “recipe” to industry. Armor protection must meet Explosively Formed Penetrator (EFP) Level 1 on the front, side skirts and roof.

The Army will award up to three contracts for the technology demonstration phase of the program; the contracts will be cost plus fixed fee. The Army wants the first production vehicle delivered within seven years, the document says.

Army Gcv Rfp

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