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Live Blog: The McChrystal-Eikenberry Show


I just wanted to invite everyone to open a new tab in their browser window and participate in a live blog event over at DoD Buzz's sister site, Defense Tech. We're going to be hosting a live, streaming chat during the House Armed Services Committee's hearing today at 0930 EST with Gen. McChrystal and Amb. Eikenberry.

Colin will attend the hearing and will be Tweeting the event live (you can see the updated tweets on this page over on the right navigation area, and we'll be hosting a companion Twitter box on Defense Tech) as we're hosting the live blog, so we'll have full coverage of what promises to be a dramatic event.

Hope you'll join us over at DT and keep an eye here for updates on the evolving events.

UPDATED: Here is the transcript from today's event.

The House Armed Services Committee Meets with McChrystal and Eikenberry

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