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Osprey's First Test of Fire


The other day we noted that V-22s were being used as an integral part of the first major push against the Taliban in Afghanistan since President Obama ordered the military to implement his new strategy. Knight-Ridder published a detailed story by an embedded reporter about the Osprey's use.

The 10 Ospreys went operational last week. Unlike Iraq, where the Osprey -- fairly or not -- was tagged as one expensive flying bus, the reporter notes that the "Osprey is arriving in the hottest combat zone in a war that has been getting tougher rather than easier."

Buzz readers already had a glimpse of what the Ospreys would be able to do in Afghanistan. Our predictions seem to be borne out, if this story is a guide.

"For one thing, it will allow them to react to infor­ma­tion about the enemy much quicker.

"The air­craft is so fast, in fact, that it can some­times make two trips back and forth in the time it takes a heli­copter to make one trip.

"That capa­bil­ity came into play Friday in the Now Zad oper­a­tion, as the air­craft made sev­eral trips to deliver troops, [Marine spokesman] Pelletier said."

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