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Buzz Gets A New Bro


It's official. Jamie McIntyre, who used to cover the military for CNN, has joined the team with his own site, Line of Departure. I knew Jamie from my days covering NATO at Defense News and we shared a few flights with then-Defense Secretary William Cohen. He's a rock solid reporter who will bring a deep source book and a unique perspective on how the military is faring and how relations between the media and the military shape both enterprises. Move out!

Here's Christian's semi-official intro of Jamie's new effort.

He covered the military for the network for 16 years and was a CNN plank owner until recently when he left the network to get an advanced degree in journalism. After months of back and forth we snagged him and just yesterday launched a cool new blog that he'll run called The Line of Departure where he'll bring to bear his vast experience and source base to analyze the current debate on defense and strategy and also delve into the issues that surround the military's relationship with the public and the media.

Be sure to bookmark our new site and stay tuned for more from Jamie throughout We already crashed the site on Friday with his breaking news story about Cami McCormack's injury in Afghanistan, and that was before we officially launched the site. Clearly a sign of things to come from our new teammate.

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