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Earlier today I did a podcast with Addison Schonland, an aviation consultant, about the latest state of play on the F-22/F-35 debate, looking ahead to the Senate debate on the Raptor's future. The Senate is likely to take up the debate again tomorrow morning. It will be one close vote. How close, you ask? Sens. Mark Udall and Roger Wicker said at CSIS this afternoon that the vote will be extremely close, so close neither of them was willing to offer a likely vote count. Click here for the podcast.

This is how Addison introduced the piece:

"Some want more F-22s and some don't, they want the F-35. And there is absolutely no middle ground here. This competition is unlike the tanker war, as Colin Clark, editor of explains, which can be fudged. This is a nasty fight with very high stakes and everybody has an ox that will be gored no matter the outcome. This is the highest stakes military fight since the MX missile."

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