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Body Armor Goes to the Dogs, Literally!

We've all heard people grumble that the country is going to the dogs. Well, here's a new tack on that, courtesy of my colleague Christian Lowe at DefenseTech. What defense contractor or hunter could resist body armor for the dog? Think of all the urban applications! Or just the thing to protect your bird dog from your own bad aim! OK, I'll cut to the chase since this one is pretty much just for fun. Here's Christian's story:

Just when you thought "tactical" had infiltrated every aspect of your life, something new comes along to tip it over into the semi-ridiculous.

Tactical combat vests for dogs? Huh?...

That's what I thought, until I talked to the folks at Combat K-9 about their really cool Animal Pack Adaptable Carrier, or APAC.

This is essentially a MOLLE webbing rigged carrier that straps fully around the military working dog, allowing operators to use the animal as a demi-pack dog (carrying extra mags and other gear), harness him in enough to repel with the dog down a cliff and even insert Kevlar panels to protect the pooch against shrapnel and other flying debris.

As a dog lover, I was instantly hooked.

The company also offers a high-tech cooling pack that inserts into the APAC, with some high-speed cooling chemicals that can get down to near freezing after being soaked in 50-degree water, says Combat K-9 salesman Jim McGovern.

The company also has an impressive lineup of quick release collars and leashes that allow the handler to keep his attention on a threat, without having to fumble for a buckle.

Anyone who's been in Iraq or Afghanistan knows how important military working dogs are. With the hundreds of companies and booths here at SHOT Show displaying every conceivable variation of tactical gear for humans, it's nice to see at least one company paying attention to the needs of man's best friend.

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