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Murtha Firing Opening Salvo in Spending Wars

The Democratic powers-to-be will begin to flex their muscles tomorrow as Rep. Jack Murtha (D-Penn.), chairman of the House Appropriations defense subcommittee, delivers a keynote speech "on military spending and challenges facing the incoming Obama Administration" at the Democratically aligned Center for American Progress thinktank tomorrow at noon.

The other Democratic salvo will come from the center's new report, "Building a Military for the 21st Century; New Realities, New Priorities." Its release will be followed by a round-table discussion. One of the most impressive parts of this event is that Rep. Joe Sestak (D-Penn.), Army Lt. General Stephen Speakes, the Army's deputy chief of staff for programs, and retired Air Force Lt. Gen.l Michael Dunn, now president of the Air Force Association, are the roundtable participants. It is mighty rare for a senior military leader like Speakes to make themselves available for the release of a report, not to mention one tied to powerful members of one party about to take control of the White House and Congress. My best is that Speakes has made a very smart decision to be there and defend the Army's top modernization priority -- Future Combat System.

And I wonder if this is any indication of Sestak's likelihood of becoming Navy Secretary.

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